What We Do

CDTL provides a comprehensive range of programmes, courses, workshops, and services to support the enhancement of teaching quality at NUS.

We believe that teaching and learning, like research, requires a scholarly approach. We therefore collaborate with faculty, teaching assistants, and other staff members in a variety of settings to design learning environments that are conducive for high-quality teaching and learning within and beyond the classroom. This involves using evidence-informed strategies, where appropriate by drawing on the affordances of educational technology, to develop pedagogy and curricula for engaging students and academics in a research-intensive context.

We provide services and resources for undergraduate and graduate students to support activities at the University aimed at fostering collaboration with students as partners and lifelong learning.

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Formal Programmes & Courses
  • Foundational Courses

    • Professional Development Programme - for early career academics. The course aims to support faculty new to NUS as they explore and reflect critically on their teaching practice with the aim of improving the quality of their students’ learning.

    • Teaching Assistants' Programme (TAs) - for graduate teaching assistance. The course aims to enhance GTAs' knowledge and skills in facilitating collaborative learning and a growth mindset.

  • Specialized Courses

    • Blended learning course - for staff members who aim to teach in a blended mode. The course aims to support faculty members to redesign and redevelop their modules by drawing on the affordances of technology so as to engage learners actively and interactively.

    • Grant writing course - for staff members who are interested in proposing an educational research project. The course guides participants through the various stages of a proposal.

    • Teaching portfolio - for staff members who are interested in constructing an impactful account of their teaching practice. The course guides participants through drafting a teaching philosophy statement and helps them to think about evidence.

  • Workshops

    • PDP Electives - for early career academics. Workshops focus on various aspects of teaching and learning and help PDP participants fulfil completion requirements.

    • CPDP workshops - for mid-career and more senior academics. Workshops help NUS faculty to find inspiration and develop their academic practice.

  • Consultations

    • One-on-one consultations - for all NUS staff members. Consultations to discuss any aspect that relates to teaching and learning are available; please contact cdtsec@nus.edu.sg for an appointment with a CDTL academic developer.

    • Blended learning - CDTL offers consultations to support staff members who are redesigning and redeveloping their modules in a blended mode.

  • Teaching Enhancement Grants

    • Call & selection - for faculty members. CDTL administers grants that support scholarly projects which aim to investigate and improve teaching and learning practices.

    • TEG Talks - grant winners share their investigations to enhance education at NUS.

    • Institutional Review Board (IRB)

  • Educator in Residence

    • Ruth Wong Memorial Lecture - aims to encourage active exchanges between the NUS academic community and distinguished educators from around the world.


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