Dilly FUNG
London School of Economics & Political Science
United Kingdom

Towards a Connected Curriculum for Higher Education

What are the relationships between our research and student education? How are we characterising ‘good’ education for our students, both in the disciplines and across the institution? In this session we will draw on both philosophical underpinnings (Gadamer 2004) and scientific perspectives (Wieman and Gilbert 2015) to take a fresh look at the relationship between education, research and scholarship: what is at the heart of the academic mission? Is the purpose of higher education to provide individuals with what they need to succeed in a competitive world, or is it advancing ‘the global common good’ (UNESCO 2015)? I will argue that by integrating research and student education more readily, we can develop citizens who are highly skilled, more ethically aware and better able to articulate their future contributions to society.

We will look at new possibilities for practice using the Connected Curriculum framework (Fung 2017), which takes a distinctive approach to research-based education. Connected Curriculum has been adopted as institutional policy at UCL (University College London), and is now influencing practice in research-intensive institutions globally. What are its benefits and applications?  Reflecting on some recent examples of research-based education in European research-intensive institutions (Fung, Besters-Dilger and van der Vaart 2017), we will also address some of the enablers change. These include authentic staff development and the reward and recognition of those who commit themselves to teaching and to educational leadership (Fung and Gordon 2016).

We will finish with time for questions and comments: how relevant are these issues and approaches for staff and students at the National University of Singapore?

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