About the Conference

The Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning (CDTL) of the National University of Singapore (NUS) is hosting the 8th Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (TLHE): Campus Conference on
25 September 2018 (Tue) at Shaw Foundation Alumni House (SFAH).

The aims of this one-day campus conference with the theme “Connecting learning, research and teaching” are to engage the NUS community in sharing ideas or best practices that coherently link these three key forces in a research intensive university; and to have conversations going on practices that facilitate faculty, staff, and student engagement in formal and informal contexts, integrating these three aspects.



The conference theme implies the question of how we can foster learning through inquiry. Contributions that focus on the following strands are invited:


Building inquiry and research activity into learning

  • building curricula or programmes directed at cultivating an inquiring mind
  • connecting students with research and researchers
  • supervising or mentoring research activity
  • assessing learning output that focuses on different sets of knowledge and skills (e.g., capstone modules or course portfolios)
  • taking a research-informed approach to teaching and learning 

Learning across disciplines in formal or informal spaces

  • designing academic, co-academic, and co-curricular programmes that fosters learning beyond the home discipline(s)
  • learning through being exposed to knowledge and values different to one’s own
  • learning to engage in critical dialogue with others
  • evaluating the effectiveness of learning environments (active learning rooms, LTs, Residential Colleges, virtual spaces)

Connecting academic and workplace learning

  • learning in real-world contexts, such as through internships or study trips abroad
  • cultivating inquiry-driven learners in a time of disruption
  • conceptualizing the role and implications of research and foundational knowledge in  Continuing Education and Training (CET)

Learning to produce work directed at external, real-world audiences

  • developing digital practices and communication skills needed to engage diverse audiences
  • partnering local and international communities in ascertaining course outcomes and assessment

Connecting students and faculty members with one another and with alumni

  • connecting diverse students - across years, disciplines, or professions - and alumni
  • embedding inclusivity in teaching, learning and assessment practices
  • partnering with students to co-create and transform teaching and learning
  • peer mentoring to foster an inspirational, authentic, and sustainable learning and research community


Who should attend?

We invite anyone in the NUS community who is involved in learning, research, and teaching activities in formal and informal contexts.