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Aaron Doering
Associate Professor,
Learning Technologies Co-Director,
Bonnie Westby-Huebner Endowed Chair of Education and Technology
Institute on the Environment Fellow
University of Minnesota, USA

Wondering how to design learning environments that engage millions of learners? Dr. Aaron Doering can show you how. Doering, professor of Learning Technologies and co-director of the Learning Technologies Media Lab (LTML) at the University of Minnesota, has taken online learning and design to a new level over the past decade through numerous of his initiatives. He will share with you the technology transformation principles behind many of the learning environments he and his team have designed, developed, and delivered around the world. Some of these projects include North of Sixty, Earthducation, WeExplore, and Geothentic.

When not at the LTML, Doering can often be found on the road collaborating with diverse cultures in remote regions of the globe while millions of learners engage virtually in these journeys online, giving talks, or writing his next book. He looks forward to exploring his design principles and educational philosophy with you in Singapore!

To virtually experience some of Doering’s current projects, go to or follow him on Twitter @chasingseals.


Dr. Doering is an Associate Professor in Learning Technologies at the University of Minnesota. Doering holds the Bonnie Westby-Huebner Endowed Chair in Education and Technology, is a Laureate of the prestigious humanitarian Tech Awards, and is a fellow for the UMN Institute on the Environment. Doering has delivered education on sustainability and climate change to over 10 million students by traveling the world and by dogsledding and pulking over 5,000 miles throughout the circumpolar Arctic.

Doering gives hundreds of talks a year on adventure learning and motivation. His academic writing is focused on how adventure learning impacts the classroom experience, designing and developing online learning environments, and K-12 technology integration. Doering has received millions of dollars in grants and has published over 60 journal articles, books, book chapters, and conference proceedings. He is also the coauthor of Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching as well as the forthcoming book The New Landscape of Mobile Learning.

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