Teaching Enhancement Grants (TEG)

offer funding opportunities for scholarly projects that can have a positive impact on student learning and teaching practice

Projects Awarded in 2017

The Teaching Enhancement Grant provides monetary support for professional development activities or research projects to promote reflective and outcome-based teaching and learning.

No. of Learning Improvement proposals received: 36
No. of Learning Improvement proposals awarded: 19

1-year projects:

  • Evaluating student engagement and learning outcomes in an Imooc focused on academic writing
  • Developing and validating an assessment rubric for popular science news article writing
  • Embedded Oral communication skills instruction in Engineering - implementation and evaluation of impact
  • Using Augmented Reality Sandbox for teaching topographic processes to undergraduates
  • The outdoor classroom: Implementation of field-based learning in Geography
  • "Teaching 1+1>2" - Pedagogy for Integrated Knowledge of Tropical Envelope
  • Pilot Study of Team-based Learning for Engineering students to improve student learning outcomes
  • Mentoring Brass Pedagogues in a Collaborative Peer-to-Peer Context: Developments in "Flow" Pedagogy
  • Improving RC4 student's systems thinking capabilities with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY

2-3 year projects

  • NUS Learner Corpus of Academic Writing
  • MarkBind: A Tool for Creating Variants of Web-based eLearning Content
  • Using Board Games to promote Deeper Learning: A case Study in Environmental Engineering
  • Assessment of Learning Gains in a Project-based Learning Engineering Programme
  • Development and evaluation of Pharmacy Peer-Checking and Feedback System (PECS) for Improving Students' Learning of Pharmaceutical Compounding and Product Checking
  • Using a video-assisted simulation debriefing to enhance nursing students' learning experience, reflective ability, professional competency and perspective transformation
  • The Symptom-Focused Health Assessment and Empathy (SHAE) programme: Using an integrated approach to learning physical examination for nursing students
  • Improving students' competencies through Entrustable Professional Activities assessment system-based model: mixed method study
  • The use of gaming to enhance anatomy education
  • The Open Classroom Project: Designing and Implementing a smart phone application to facilitate formative teaching observations


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