Teaching Awards at NUS

Express a commitment to an institutional value system that sends signals about what it regards as high quality teaching


Date specified by respective FTECs

Submission of Teaching Portfolios to FTEC;

Eligible faculty nominees will submit their teaching portfolios to their respective FTECs via the Teaching Awards submission portal;

Please note that nominees are responsible to gather the relevant documentation and compile a complete and coherent teaching portfolio.

02 October 2017

Submission of FTEC reports for selected ATEA and OEA nominees (with all relevant documentation, completed nomination forms, etc.) to UTEC c/o CDTL

October/November 2017

Evaluation of nominees’ teaching portfolios by UTEC

November 2017

Interview of shortlisted OEA nominees by UTEC

December 2017

UTEC deliberates and finalises reports for Office of the Provost (PVO)

January 2018

Approval of ATEA & OEA shortlist by the Provost’s Office

January/February 2018

Approval of OEA shortlist by the President

April/May 2018

University Awards Ceremony 2018; 

Annual Teaching Excellence Award (ATEA) Ceremony and Outstanding Educator Award (OEA) Public Lecture Series 2018