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OEA Public Lectures 2017

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The Annual Teaching Excellence Award (ATEA) Ceremony and the Outstanding Educator Award (OEA) Public Lecture Series 2017 was held on Monday, 15 May 2017 at the University Hall Auditorium, Level 2, Lee Kong Chian Wing.

The two winners of this year’s Outstanding Educator Award (OEA) will address the same topic: the importance for higher education of a collaborative approach to learning and teaching. Though they come from very different disciplines, follow different approaches to their teaching, and use different strategies to achieve their goals, both speakers share the same core belief: that it is important to enhance both the processes and outcomes of student learning through fostering collaboration. In order to address the ways and means of achieving this goal, the two speakers will collaborate on a dialogue on collaboration.


Collaboration: A Dialogue on the Product and Process of Education

Dr Adrian Lee
Faculty of Science

Dr Chris McMorran
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

What should a university education elicit in students? A common attribute preferred in graduates is that of being a lifelong learner, especially in today's fast-changing jobs landscape. This is the product; education is the process. The product is ambitious in that it is about not only empowering students, but arguably should in the long run make us as teachers redundant. The process is necessarily collaborative, from curriculum design to coordination within and across years, to the need for active, student-centred learning. In this talk, we shall forego the usual format, pool our time, and jointly interrogate the nature of collaboration in university education.