Research Projects

UTown Students' Experience

UTown as an educational hub with residential spaces has created a lively intellectual, social and cultural environment that facilitates students’ learning. It offers an integrated living-learning experience to the students by providing a number of highly personalised and interactive academic experience as well as informal learning, social and sporting activities. This curiosity driven exploratory research study aims to gain understanding of student experiences at UTown and is complementary to the Teaching Enhancement Grant funded studies independently conducted by Tembusu and Angsana.


Towards a Meaningful Evaluation of Scholarly Teaching in NUS

This study was about exploring and studying some of the local contextual variables on which teaching evaluation/assessment is founded upon in NUS, examining the effectiveness of student ratings and peer review as important components of teaching assessment, and exploring the possibility of using mentorship and project work to improve teaching quality in NUS. 

Published works:

1. A paper titled “Profiling teacher/teaching using descriptors derived from qualitative feedback: formative and summative applications”, was published in Research in Higher Education, February 2009, Volume 50, Issue 1, pp 73-100.

2. A conference paper titled "Optimizing the use of Student Feedback for Effective Learning" was presented at the International Conference on Learning & Teaching (2010), Singapore, 9 - 11 Jun 2010.


Teaching and Learning with Technology

This research was aimed at finding the level of usage of IT and the skills level of faculty and students at NUS. Successful implementation depends primarily on faculty and student attitudes towards the use of IT in teaching and learning and the training and support provided for these tools. The study also hopes to identify the motivating or hindering factors that drive faculty and students towards the use of technology for their teaching and learning.

Published works:
1. An article entitled “Factors Affecting the Adoption of Information technology (IT) in Higher Education” was published in the CDTL Brief, April 2007, Vol 10, No. 2

2. A conference paper titled Assessing the Impact of Technology on Teaching & Learning :Faculty & Student Perspectives” was presented at the 8th APRU Distance Learning and the Internet Conference 2007 to be held in Bangkok, Thailand, 12-15 Dec,  2007


Lecturers’ attitudes about instructional styles

The direction of the project and data analysis focused more on investigating how the Professional Development Programme (PDP) at NUS has influenced the teaching approaches of participants.

Published works:
1. A paper titled "Effects of a professional development programme on the development of teaching styles" was published in Journal of the NUS Teaching Academy (JNUSTA), Nov 2012, Vol 2, No.4.