Professional Development Programme-Teaching (PDP-T)

PDP-T aims to provide a collegial environment for early career academics to explore and reflect critically on their teaching practice with the aim of improving the quality of their students' learning

Core Module

The core module consists of a 24-hour intensive programme which runs over 3 consecutive days. It focuses on helping participants become more familiar with the teaching and learning process and the various components that go into teaching. By the end of the PDP-T Core module you should be able to:

1) compose and critically examine the intended learning outcomes for one of your modules;

2) design teaching and learning activities in order best to achieve your learning outcomes; and,

3) design assessments to determine how well each of your learning outcomes has been achieved

The PDP-T core module aims to help you appreciate that the nature of higher education extends beyond discipline or module specific outcomes. The specification of broader outcomes of higher education not only help give direction for teachers when planning learning experiences but it also helps to ensure a higher education that remains valuable and relevant to the individual and society. In addition to understanding what it is the University wants the learner to learn, it is also critical for a teacher to understand the process of learning and the role various approaches to teaching have upon the quality of learning. This would include understanding learning as more than the successful transmission of information from expert to novice. Rather, learning is the act of the individual constructing knowledge on the basis of interaction with their environment.


The PDP-T Core programme for this semester will be from 8 – 10 January 2019.
Click here for the schedule and details on the programme.