Professional Development Programme-Teaching (PDP-T)

PDP-T aims to provide a collegial environment for early career academics to explore and reflect critically on their teaching practice with the aim of improving the quality of their students' learning

This programme is offered to NUS early-career academics, typically those with fewer than 3 years full-time teaching experience in higher education. It provides a collegial environment to explore and reflect critically on participants’ teaching practice with the aim of improving the quality of their students’ learning. The programme introduces a variety of topics to help develop and refine fundamental, research-informed, evidence-based teaching skills and strategies. It also serves to assist faculty in preparing for promotion and tenure. 

The Professional Development Programme—Teaching (PDP-T) consists of three components: a Core module, Elective Workshops, and Teaching Practicum. By the end of the programme you should be able to:

  1. reflect critically on your teaching and your students’ learning;

  2. identify and implement the most appropriate teaching and learning strategies and technologies for your context;

  3. foster an active learning environment in order to achieve impactful learning;

  4. implement meaningful ways of assessing student learning outcomes; and,

  5. employ a scholarly approach to teaching through critical engagement with evidence from relevant literature on teaching and learning.

While it is advisable to complete the PDP-T before your contract renewal review, we strongly recommend spreading your participation in all of the components over several terms. This spreading is recommended because (1) this will make the relative time commitment for each term less and (2) it is beneficial to be involved in various activities throughout the span of your early development as a teacher at NUS.

  1. Core Module. This component is the three-day intensive programme that you are currently attending. This programme is meant to cover various basic aspects of teaching.

  2. Elective Workshops. This component consists of 16 hours of elective modules. These elective modules have a more specific focus than the intensive programme. The elective modules are designed to allow you to choose topics that are particularly interesting to you and are especially relevant to your own teaching context. We strongly recommend spreading your elective hours.

  3. Teaching Practicum. The practicum is based on your teaching at NUS and consists of experimentation, reflection and discussions on teaching practices guided by (1) at least two 2-hour meetings, (2) oral presentation of the report on experimentation, and (3) submission of a report.

For further information about PDP-T, please contact:

A/P Johan Geertsema
Director, CDTL


Dr Adrian Lee
Deputy Director, CDTL


Ms Doreen Thia
PDP-T Programme Co-ordinator