Educator-in-Residence Programme (EiRP)

EiRP facilitates active exchanges between the NUS academic community and distinguished educators from around the world

Visit by Professor Tony Harland, Educator-in-Residence 2018


Professor Harland listening to perspectives offered by NUS colleagues during his workshop on assessment of complex knowledge.

Besides the lecture, Professor Harland also engaged in active discussions with many NUS colleagues throughout his visit. These included workshops for faculty on “Assessment of complex knowledge” and “Students who conduct peer review on each other’s work”; discussions with colleagues from various academic departments and centres, as well as with other units such as the NUS Teaching Academy and PGP House. He further led roundtable discussions with academic developers from various higher education institutions in Singapore.

Professor Harland leaves us with this concluding thought:

“Focus on the teaching and learning of complex knowledge, and
the rest of what we intend for in the course learning outcomes will fall into place.”

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