Workshops and Seminars

Workshop Resources

Learning Management System (IVLE)

  • Teaching and Managing your Courses with IVLE - Web | Handout
  • Tips for using IVLE to support teaching and learning - Handout
  • Using IVLE to implement the 7 principles of effective teaching - Handout
  • Facilitating effective online discussions using IVLE - Handout
  • Assessing Student Learning using IVLE - Handout
  • Mid-term Course Feedback to Promote Student Learning - Handouts


Online Communication and Collaboration

  • Technology Tools for Communication and Collaboration - Handout
  • Useful Google Apps for Teaching and Learning - Handout


Flipped Classroom

  • Flipping your Classroom - Web


Online Authoring Tools

  • Engaging learners through interactive presentations: Using Adobe Presenter (Breeze) - Handout
  • Creating Videos for Flipped Classrooms with Adobe Presenter Video Express - Web | Handout
  • Recording Lectures and Tutorials using Camtasia Relay and Ink2Go - Web | Handout
  • Developing e-learning Resourcesusing Camtasia Studio - Handout


Peer Review

  • Preparing for Classroom Observation - Web



  • Designing Lively Presentations with Prezi - Web | Handout


Virtual Classroom

  • Facilitating a Virtual Class Using WebEx - Handout


Learning Design

  • Scaffolding Student Learning Activities using LAMS - Handout



  • Designing your Module Website using Blogs - Web | Handout