Consultation Sessions

NUS faculty members and students are invited to personal consultation sessions with CDTL colleagues to discuss any aspect of teaching and learning. We are happy to support you with ideas in areas such as (but not limited to):

  1. practical questions or challenges relating to aspects of your own teaching in relation to your students' learning

  2. scholarly projects in which you investigate your teaching and your students’ learning

  3. putting together a teaching portfolio, including feedback on and review of your portfolio

  4. identifying and learning about new technologies to enhance student learning inside or outside the classroom through e.g. ‘flipping’ in the case of large classes 

  5. designing effective assessments

  6. aligning intended learning outcomes, teaching and learning activities, and assessments

  7. interpreting student feedback and devising a plan to improve teaching and learning

  8. increasing student engagement

These sessions can vary in length, from an hour or less to longer discussions. They could be one-off or spread over a few weeks. To arrange for a session, please contact: