Asian Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The Asian Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (AJSoTL) is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access, online journal. AJSoTL seeks to create and nurture a global network of academics and educators who will discuss ongoing changes and future trends in tertiary education.


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Experiential/service learning in tertiary education

We wish to invite you to share your perspectives, opinions, thoughts and experiences about experiential/service learning in your institutions.

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Are MOOCs likely to be the next flash in the pan, or will they go from strength to strength?

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Balancing teaching and research in research intensive environments

Teaching and research are the primary intellectual activities of a university academic, and doing well in both of them is desirable and important. The (real or perceived) “tensions” between these two activities, particularly in research-intensive universities, may prompt the questions, “How does one strike a balance between teaching and research activities?” and “How does one excel in both teaching and research?”.

In this online discussion forum, we invite you to share your thoughts and experiences on this very important issue faced by academics. You could address one or more of the following questions.


  • How do/did you approach the challenge of balancing teaching and research?
  • How do you stay motivated to achieve this balance? Do you feel you have achieved it – or has one of the 2 roles won out?
  • Has your teaching helped your research (or vice versa)? What factors play a role here?
  • Has your institution addressed the teaching-research nexus through policies or strategies, and how successful have they been?

(Please indicate if you feel that your institution is teaching- or research-intensive, or has achieved a good mix of both roles)

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Asian education hubs with a global perspective

Universities in Asia are faced with the twin challenges of maintaining an Asian identity, while at the same time cultivating global awareness among graduates, and it is not always clear what these notions of 'Asian' versus 'global' may mean. The need to shape students' mindset toward a 'global' perspective becomes all the more pertinent at the tertiary level as undergraduates take the next step into the global community upon graduation. This is in addition to the issues and challenges related to how educators can prepare students toward adopting a global mindset. This forum welcomes your deliberations on these and related issues on the topic of “Asian education hubs with a global perspective/s”.

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Technology in a 21st century classroom: To Use or NOT To Use?

Technology has asserted its presence in many classrooms around the world. But is technology truly useful in helping us to deliver our classes better, or to enhance our students’ learning? This forum invites all practitioners to reflect and debate on the matter. Please participate in this online discussion — we love to hear from you!

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Global citizenship/global education

‘Global citizenship’ and ‘global education’ are two terms that get tossed around a lot these days.


  • But what exactly do they mean?
  • Do they simply refer to the increased diversity of the student and staff population in our universities, or to our efforts to provide students with international exposure by studying and working overseas?
  • Is travel good for student development, or is that just ‘academic tourism’?
  • How do we provide a truly enriching global education - and with what kind of global attributes do we want to imbue our students? 


It seems clear that as educators and administrators, we have an important role to play in helping to maximize diversity on our own campus, and more importantly, to build on the richness and strengths that diversity brings through a constructive engagement with difference.

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